Drug Treatment Center Provides Court-Ordered Rehab

What is a Drug Treatment Center?

A drug treatment center serves the purpose of offering rehabilitation for those suffering from addiction and substance abuse problems. Two definitions that the Merriam-Webster dictionary gives for rehabilitation are:

A : the physical restoration of a sick or disabled person by therapeutic measures and re-education to participation in the activities of a normal life within the limitations of the person’s physical disability

B : the process of restoring an individual to a useful and constructive place in society especially through some form of vocational, correctional, or therapeutic retraining
Drug Treatment Center: Why We Need Alternative Sentencing Programs

With jails and prisons in the United States suffering from problems of overpopulation, in part because of extremely high numbers of drug related convictions, attention has been placed on help for addicts from drug treatment centers as an alternative to jail or prison time. Studies show that prison time rarely works as rehabilitation for drug offenders. It can often times make the problem worse, whereas the right help from a drug treatment center can provide the proper diagnosis, treatment and tools to help a person addicted to drugs to actually rehabilitate.

According to a study done by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, those who were put into publicly-funded rehab treatment were far less likely to become repeat offenders that those put in prison. In fact, the proportion of selling drug charges dropped by 78 percent and on any criminal charge by 64 percent.

Another big benefit of sending non-violent drug offenders to a drug treatment center instead of jail or prison is the cost. The cost of drug treatment center is shown to be roughly 25 percent of the cost of sending someone to prison or jail. The legal system could be saving 75 percent of the cost on every person sent to a drug treatment center as opposed to imprisoning them.

If the options are prison or a drug treatment center, most will choose the drug treatment center. Many worry that those who enter a drug treatment center under the provocation of the legal system won’t benefit from treatment because of the false notion that rehab is only beneficial to those who have reached “rock-bottom” or who have voluntarily decided to enter rehab. For some facing criminal charges, the possibility of time in prison is rock-bottom, and for others it is not. The important thing to remember is that regardless of how one ends up in a drug treatment center, clients will get the benefits of detox and counseling to help overcome their addiction and substance abuse problems, and will develop coping skills to become happier and more productive members of society.

Destination Hope is a drug treatment center that has many years of experience working with the legal system. Through their drug treatment programs, not only will a person receive highly effective treatment in fighting their addiction, but they will additionally be able to rest assured that they are working with a program that is experienced with meeting all of the requirements of the legal system for court-ordered patients. If you or someone you care about is suffering from drug or alcohol addiction and has encountered problems with the law as a result, please call our counselors today at 877-380-9777 and ask about our court-ordered rehab programs.

For young men in Massachusetts, a sober living environment can serve as an effective transition from treatment to independent living. As part of a larger young adult treatment plan, a young adult in Massachusetts can agree to extended care once the primary treatment is over. The Granite House in nearby New Hampshire provides a three-phase program in a residential setting that increases the chances of long-term sobriety.